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McKenna was way ahead of his time as he anticipated modern developments and provides the only real solution to our modern problems. This solution involves returning to a partnership culture by rekindling our relationship with nature and ourselves with psychedelics, putting an end to the dominator culture which controls our politics and governments. There are numerous individual paragraphs that could be excerpted from this book and would be good reading on their own, but the work as a whole is deeply flawed, and ultimately I felt like reading it was a waste of my time. I first encountered McKenna in a New Age bookshop in Brighton, whilst perusing for material to flesh out an essay on Shamanism I was writing. I came home with ‘The Archaic Revival’, which introduced me to ideas such as the Logos , the Mayan Calendar and prophecies about 2012.

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  • He is soon left quailing by the power and resourcefulness of the Giants, and he is forced to desperately seek a compromise.
  • As an avid reader, writer, and fan of all things…
  • This leads him to sweep to power on a populist vote of quelling the Giants, but it is clear that this is too much for his narrow mind or abilities.
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This is exemplified by the ever-rising rates of mental illness and use of pharmaceutical drugs. There is also a growing places tremendous destruction happening to the oceans, rainforests and planet. McKenna says that reawakening our relationship to certain psychoactive plants may help to pull us out of these negative trajectories, by allowing us to experience the interconnected relationship between us and nature. In recent years, the use of psychedelics and hallucinogens has been objectively researched and even included in talk therapy and guided meditation.

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He was also from an early date an outspoken socialist, often sympathising with pacifist views. His later works became increasingly political and didactic, and he wrote little science fiction, while he sometimes indicated on official documents that his profession was that of journalist. Novels like Kipps and The History of Mr Polly, which describe lower-middle-class life, led to the suggestion that he was a worthy successor to Charles Dickens, but Wells described a range of social strata and even attempted, in Tono-Bungay , a diagnosis of English society as a whole.

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As we know from the work of Dr Deepak Chopra, within a year and a half to two years, not one cell of our body is the same as it was that time before. The ability to deliver and release all the vitamins nourishment and minerals that a healthy human bio-system needs is a natural attribute of the Theta – Delta field when it is given the opportunity to do this. There are many books on the miracles of yogi life, which describe the effect that Theta Delta field immersion has on our human bio-system.

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After that, the Food of the Gods sounded blatant to the pitch of indecency. Yet for all that something of that clear-eyed moment hung about him and broke out ever and again … I heard Bensington also once – in the old days – at an educational conference in Bloomsbury.

He also became enamored with the Internet, calling it “the birth of global mind”, believing it to be a place where psychedelic culture could flourish. Although McKenna avoided giving his allegiance to any one interpretation , he was open to the idea of psychedelics as being “trans-dimensional travel”. McKenna was a longtime sufferer of migraines, but on 22 May 1999 he began to have unusually extreme and painful headaches. McKenna was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, a highly aggressive form of brain cancer.

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This would be fine if he didn’t devote dozens of rambling pages to them. For the first time in paperback, the counterculture manifesto on mind-altering drugs & hallucinogens. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Unlike wakame, kombu, and hijiki, which are sold in the form of individual leaves, nori is sold as a sheet made from small, soft, dark brown algae, which have been cultivated in bays and lagoons since the middle of the Edo Era . The technique of drying the collected algae on wooden frames was borrowed from famous Japanese paper-making industry.

In 1943 while researching different chemicals, he was the first person to synthesize lysergic acid dietylamide, also called LSD. He sythesized it and then forgot about it for years while World War 2 happened. After the war, he randomly returned to this chemical again and a small amount of LSD touched his skin. It triggered effects like a very active imagination and sensitivity to light. It was then Hoffman knew he’d found something very peculiar.

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