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For the purposes of this review I will be using the stock tubes. All samples have been made after the preamp has warmed up for at least half an hour which is where I stopped noticing a difference . Clearly this preamp is not one that you will make you sell your 1073’s for. As sound on sound reminded us, if you use a preamp properly, you will get good results out of almost any one you choose. But let’s not get into comparing hi-end and budget preamps. Let just take a look at a pre that has gained attention lately.

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  • Each microphone input circuit, with selectable +48V phantom power, features variable input impedance which can radically vary the overall performance of any high quality dynamic or ribbon microphone.
  • I wish you could shed some light and help me out here.
  • This would be via a balanced quarter inch cable TRS, not a TS cable like a guitar cable.
  • They are available to offer you personalized product advice any time you need it.
  • I have both the MPA II tube preamp and the VLA II compressor.
  • Now that’s out of the way, the sound out of the A/D converter is exteremely week and tinny…and and very lack-luster.

The Digital MPA can be configured for dual mono or stereo operation with selectable mid/side mic support, summing the adjacent channel, to decode left/right signals. Two integrated hand-selected 12AX7 tubes deliver wider variation of preamp tone and performance. They deliver unmatched warmth, presence and clarity and in the case of the Digital MPA, the added convenience of direct digital output. The all new ART Digital MPA-II delivers all of the same great features of the ProMPA with the added versatility of digital output.

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Large back-lit analog VU output meters display input or output levels while multi-colored LED arrays, with average or peak hold, show tube gain and digital output levels. The input section of the kaiser garten Digital MPA operates at either a low or high plate voltage applied to the two integrated hand-selected 12AX7 tubes for wider variation of preamp tone and performance. Large back-lit analog VU output meters display output levels while multi-colored LED arrays, with average or peak hold, show tube gain and digital output levels. I briefly owned this dual channel preamp. I purchased it new, and used it a hand full of times on a few projects and was very unimpressed. All the the gain, impedance, and level knobs had a great deal of noise.

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ART Tube Compressors deliver analog leveling/compression designed to work seamlessly with any recording, sound-reinforcement, and electronic instrument application. Our Tube Compressors excel at making tracks sound rich and full for both live audio engineering and studio recording applications. I recently discovered that I should probably be using an xlr to trs cable instead but I’ve also discovered the Uphoria may possibly be always passing signal through its pre amps no matter which way I go.

Of course first step you must make is to change tubes in preamp. It comes with some Chinese stock tubes, that has almost no bass and really bad highs. As for tubes, swtich it for some NOS or some “in production” ones.

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Turn the line in volume down as far as you can so you get most of the gain out of the preamp. Your interface is like a console and you are simply patching in an external pre to run through the LINE level input. If you don’t like the sound of your interface then perhaps get something else. Hey Graham i got a GAP pre73 and comp54 . Theyre plug in a LEXICON IO 22 in TRS ( here’s my problem).

I use this unit all the time to warm up my guitar and bass guitar signals, for all my condenser mics, and can’t wait to use it with a ribbon mic to see how well it’ll warm up that sound, too. I just copped a ADK Vienna Mk8, for less than 2 hundred, and i have no phantom power supply so i can’t even use it until i get a preamp.. I figured maybe i should get the digital mpa II for $299.99, and have S/PDIF since i don’t really have an interface.. I don’t even have a treated room or anything.. Just a rapper with some years spittin, and bare minimal funds for necessities ..

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